Wed. Aug 4th, 2021


VPS Hosting

  • Ubuntu Linux VPS 6x vCores, 12gb RAM, 240gb Disk
  • Includes: System Administrator, Backups*, Redundancy
  • We can host or manage your DNS – We can assist if you do not have a domain name
  • Popular Packages: WordPress, MySQL, and many Open Source and Commercial Offerings
  • $599.00/month $3000/6-month – Service Contract Required

We have other hosting options available, please contact directly with your requirements

Application Hosting

WordPress Application Hosting – User Supported – US $120.00 Annually

Domain Hosting & Email

  • Domain Hosting: US $120.00 Annually
  • Domain Names; Contact Directly for Further Information
  • Email: Free for single users on one of our domains
  • Email Server: sendmail mail server w/ 50 Users$499 Annually
  • TCP/IP Services Hosting; contact for details

Please contact support@zettabytes or call 628.202.2396 for further information

*per restore fee applicable