Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Investing & Donations

Donations to Zettabytes.Org or LinuxConnector.Com

Thank you for your donation to We accept donations from $5.00US (every little bit helps) to any amount you'd like to donate. Working on a page to list all donations. Stay tuned. is currently entertaining investors, visionaries, and/or creators to take a stake in the company. Currently we own numerous servers, several domains including a few premium domains, plus the in house engineering to handle the network, the servers and the security for all.

Zettabytes.Org still releases new original content on a near daily basis. This will not change. Freelance writers on the site post various content under the pseudonym ‘editor’. Additionally Zettabytes.Org is going through development as well being a production site. All monies donated and invested earn you a portion of the company, with investment opportunities starting as low as $5. If I prosper, so will you. We have our hands in some crypto/altcoin investments so that’s being integrated into the business. We accept donations in crypto as well. See below for our current public addresses for donations. currently acts as a ‘warm’ backup, meaning only content is backed up. We have several layers of backup, redundancy and a disaster recovery plan to insure uptime on all critical devices and external sites. is currently used as a development server.

Please contact if interested.

Bitcoin Address for Donations: 39UjFYg5MtMqUWr1NFN5PH7SHzrWFvrFd1

SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin) Address for Donation: 0xC176380acb6C1407346849369588F2534D614507

Currently Owned Domains and Sites Included in Partnership:

The sites may be repurposed for any project. is currently accepting donations . All donations received for are purposed to keep the site up, the bills paid, and the gerbils gerbiling. Thank you for any and all donations, and thanks! count.

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