Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Investing & Donations is currently looking for investors, visionaries, and/or creators to take a 50% stake in the company, Includes Systems Engineer/Architect, Network Engineer and Systems Analyst for term of 1 year. 50% stake in the company is currently 1 Bitcoin (1x BTC). As of today 2021.09.03 Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $49,957.39US. Please be aware that the value of Bitcoin (BTC) is measured against the US Dollar and Zettabytes uses the reliable exchange for up-to-second index pricing. As the altcoin trading sphere experiences high volatility do not rely or expect a price you heard yesterday or a few hours ago to be valid. Hourly and daily tracking of this and other crypto/altcoin’s should be studiously adhered to stay aware of Bitcoin’s, or any crypto/altcoin’s value. Bitcoin in particular has seen $2000US-$4000US swings in the space of a few hours, so I reiterate, please check your sources and be aware of the current Bitcoin index value before making any final and/or financial decisions.

Note, Zettabytes.Org still releases new original content on a near daily basis. This will not change. The current direction will be the current direction until the course is changed.

Being a 50% investor means you have immediate and direct say for growing the site and company, as being an owner entails everything that comes with that designation including shared COO, CFO, and CEO at 50%. Please send an email to for further information.

NOTE: If you use the below, make SURE you copy and paste the Bitcoin can not and will not be responsible for funds sent to the wrong BTC address.

Bitcoin Address for Donations: 39UjFYg5MtMqUWr1NFN5PH7SHzrWFvrFd1

Bitcoin Address for 50% Stake: 3LTx4i9Ep2ZUiFvtBX1t1YtbxuuyyMFJaF

Currently Owned Domains and Sites Included in Partnership: is currently accepting donations . All donations received for are purposed, deposited, and linked to our managed and audited business continuity accounts (AR). Additionally, donated amounts are kept in a public ledger for and account holders and clients who may then may peruse those entries or order monthly reports to view spending and other spending donations directly benefit. Those who make donations to are provided with varying levels of benefits including the use and/or registration of a few of our products free for up to one year. All those who donate will be given an Ubuntu Linux VPS (with root account password details and unrestricted firewall*), an email, account on one or our domains and/or a hosted application including but not limited to WordPress, SugarCRM, Minecraft Server, or any open source or licensed product registered with good for a term of 1 year.

Donations to Zettabytes.Org

Thank you for your donation to If you would like credit for your donation please register an account. We accept donations from $5.00US (every little bit helps) to any amount you'd like to donate. We give credit to "nice" donations and list the larger amounts on a THANK YOU page.