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The Possession Experiment starts off full steam ahead. Two to three priests plus loved ones and even a cop engaged in an exorcism on a bound woman in some creepy basement. Things take a turn for the worse and pretty soon, everyone is dead except for possibly a camera man who disappears up the stairs. In the distance, we hear the sound of an infant crying…

Then hard cut to a college classroom with the subject of martyrs and how they were dealt with during the inquisition. We get some tropes and some minor exposition. Standard set up I’d say for the genre and semi-specific horror subject matter.

About 15 minutes into the movie I was surprised as the story was not as standard as I assumed it might be. In fact it takes a different stance than what I’m used to seeing in these types of movies and I’ll admit it was a bit refreshing. It piqued my curiosity to the point that I wanted to see what happened next. This is a good thing. Though it’s much easier to make fun of this kind of stuff and to write something negative or sarcastic, The Possession Experiment actually had me thinking and looking forward to where the story was going to go. At this point I’m just halfway into the movie.

The actors in the movie are all decent though there’s no one in this movie that you will recognize. The cast did a great job and that kept me invested. Additionally the movie kept taking these twists and turns and creating a story I just couldn’t second guess. The more I watched The Possession Experiment, the more it entertained!

Then, The Possession Experiment went BAT SHIT CRAZY! It was entertaining enough for me to enjoy and not feel like I just wasted an hour and a half of my life. It’s not going to win any awards and for most it will just be more tropey shlock, but this time it’s an enjoyable and fun ride. Check it out.

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    1. Don’t worry. It’s PG-13 rated. It’s featured on the rear of and possbily the cover of the movie material. I also had thoughts of choosing another picture because after the fact I did think it was a little too edgy. Thanks for your input.

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