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Have you ever seen a good demon based, police procedural, supported by a psychologist/psychoanalyst, combined with a group of professional ghost hunters who have as a friend a possibly (surely) psychologically deranged protagonist whose mother and entire demon hunting crew violently died in a seance 20 years ago, coming back to a cabin in the woods-esque locale to recreate the 20 year old trauma to see if demons are really real? With some found footage thrown in for added creep factor? Well if you have, then you’ve already seen Demonic and appreciated it for the popcorn munching, soda pop indulging horror romp it is. Demonic even throws in a great twist at the end to wrap everything up nicely.

Dimension films is the production company and if you’re familiar with them they usually produce movies that go straight to the theaters. The producers were James Wan and Lee Clay and if that’s not enough star power Demonic features the ever adaptable Maria Bello in another female lead role as well as Frank Grillo as the male lead. Demonics’ writing team features Max La Bella, Will Canon and Doug Simon who took care of the story and screenplay. With the perfect marriage of the production company, directorial staff, and excellent screenwriting crew the well polished Demonic is sure to thrill all watchers of good drama’s, and in this case it’s a horror drama, and a good horror demon drama it is. Released in 2015 and won a Saturn Award for Best Horror of 2017. A little dated it seems but Demonic could have been made last week. Made 4.5 million dollars on a budget of 3 million.

There will be no spoilers in this off the cuff review. I enjoyed Demonic for the first time a few years ago and it’s always stuck in my mind as one of those good horror stories you’ll want to watch again. And that’s exactly what I did a couple days ago and Demonic still holds up as good as anything made lately, and that’s just fun to watch. An intersting thing about Demonic, and James Wan induced features in general is you know the trope’s are going to get bucked, and Demonic does away with them nicely. It’s refreshing to come into a movie to watch an intro setup thinking you know exactly what’s about to happen but then something different happens. That’s enough right there to hook the interest of any avid moviegoer.

Demonic starts strong and the course of the movie is a continual ramping up of horror, drama, with good acting that keeps one rapt with attention and stiff with anxiety wondering what’s going to happen next. It’s edge of your seat horror mayhem that crescendos’ continually until the jaw dropping twist at the end that will leave even the most basal of horror critics smiling.

As I’m not giving anything away about the horror, I’ll leave with the iMDB blurb:

A police officer and a psychologist investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.

iMDB Public Database

Maybe it makes more money with new iMDB blurb…

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