Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I rarely watch anything on TV, but I caught Everly about 5 minutes into the movie on PlutoTV. I was hooked within seconds. It’s only about 15 minutes into the movie at the moment and the whole Tarantino Guy Ritchie thing is working. Unfortunately I’m watching it with commercials and there’s the first one.

It was scene after scene of unbelievability but it was fun to watch. At the end when I thought it was just gonna be super corny, it totally was. But it gets a pass and a good review in that awesome final dramatic bad guy death. Oh man the cheese is worth every cent with a huge honk for the special effects. Even the hilarious almost sickening moments when it tries to be serious, or a yet to be deciphered political statement on the state of the world it was a fun ride, all the way to the end. Fun to watch bad girl Salma Hayek in this one, who is still as sexy as ever.

Gets a nod, check it out. Plus a great soundtrack to boot.

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