Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Shiba Inu. That’s what I have to start off with. I have a small investment in SHIB. I own close to 3.7 million SHIB which is worth about $250.00US right now. The nice thing is I’ve only purchased somewhere between $75US and $90US SHIB and it’s doubled, almost triple in value. I have seen my portfolio for SHIB alone to hit around $325 and for the last couple weeks of October it was a fun ride, aka, nice altcoin to have in the portfolio. It started off by going up to around .00002400 SHIB. I purchased the bulk of my SHIB at .00000700. The a few days later it was around the .00003340 mark. Then a few more days later it had crested the previous record high and sat at over .00004000 for a few days. SHIB just kept going up and up. I think it capped off around the .00008800 mark and is currently sitting around the .00006500 mark. So by looking at the numbers you can see it’s been a wild ride.

I think the start of the uptick in pricing was due to rumors of a whale purchasing a nice chunk of SHIB, somewhere in the 16 million US if I recall correctly. That, plus the news half of all the SHIB supply has already been burned started a rally in the SHIB market for that last part of October. Things have quieted down but I think everyone involved will be happy if SHIB attains the new low of .00006000 and staying there or more for a little while.

The SHIB thing has been the biggest thing in crypto that I’ve been dealing in anyway. It’s nice to see $100 turn into $250 in such a short time frame. The guys who have nice investments in SHIB I’m sure are very happy with the gains as of late. Me personally I just got lucky timing wise and by the last week of October I had moved all my holdings to SHIB. Since then I’ve thinned the investment out a little and bought back some AMP and ACH I had moved into SHIB earlier in the month. I also need to replace some Stellar Lumens however I have a feeling it might get back down to the .32 mark in the next month or two and that’s when I’ll rebuy into that. I had also converted about $15US in Doge to SHIB and I’m going to wait for a few cents to fall of that before I rebuy more of DOGE as well.

This year is slowly coming to a close however I already have my eye on the coming year 2022 and where I’d like to see my crypto/altcoin investing going. I know one goal that will be made is to get the investment into 4 significant figures left of the decimal point. The decent thing right now is I’m about a quarter to a third of the way their already. In December’s update I’ll include further information.

Currently I am holding SHIB, ACH, XYO and AMP with a daily fluctuating average around $300.00US. I’ll be adding DOGE and Stellar Lumens back to the portfolio at some point to be determined. Below is a list of altcoins I’m watching at the moment. The grid outline was created via cut and paste from my watchlist on Coinbase.


NamePriceChangeMarket capWatch
Enjin CoinENJ$2.84+21.66%$2.4BBuy
Stellar LumensXLM$0.38+5.11%$9.3BBuy
Basic Attention TokenBAT$1.15+44.04%$1.7BBuy
Mirror ProtocolMIR$3.24+1.96%$251.5MBuy
Clover FinanceCLV$1.18+2.61%$152.0MBuy
Band ProtocolBAND$9.08+5.84%$319.5MBuy
Internet ComputerICP$46.29+2.26%$8.1BBuy
OMG NetworkOMG$13.34-0.54%$1.9BBuy
Mask NetworkMASK$10.62-4.53%$310.5MBuy
The GraphGRT$0.9348-2.93%$4.4BBuy
Function XFX$1.20-2.60%$488.8MBuy
Axie InfinityAXS$141.98-2.27%$8.6BBuy
Bancor Network TokenBNT$4.26+1.18%$1.0BBuy
Wrapped CentrifugeWCFG$1.76+2.33%Buy
Assemble ProtocolNew$0.18+22.59%$120.0MBuy
ARPA ChainNew$0.15+3.92%$165.1MBuy
Alchemy PayACH$0.0586-4.44%$198.7MBuy
Watchlist 2021.10.21 0117hrs Pacific

Well, so far my foray into the crypto/altcoin world has not come without it’s benefits. One of the bigger benefits is that I treat the altcoin investments like a savings account and don’t touch, spend or play with the money, at least not too much. I occasionally move investments around but that’s usually from one investment to another. If I decide to purchase newer coins I do that through my Coinbase interface. The Coinbase interface is also my primary view into my investments and I enjoy the nice, clean and uncluttered user interface which puts all the important details right where I need to see it, that being at just about eye level đŸ˜‰

I think that will do it for the altcoin/crypto editorial for this month. Will update throughout the month as positions change and the market updates.

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