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I purchased Depth 6 a few days ago on Steam and there was a bundle available including Depth 6 and Suite 776. The games were $4.99US each or $7.63 for the pair so I opted to buy both. Both games have received excellent reviews on Steam and that was clincher that made me buy both. I have already written a review on Suite 776 and you can find that here.

Depth 6 is a game where you need to explore a mine that’s going to be cemented over in the coming days. There have been some odd news regarding the mine and things to be found in it’s depths but nothing clear as far as an answer has been discovered yet. It’s your job to explore the mine and find out just exactly what’s going on.

Like Suite 776, Depth 6 is meant to be played in one sitting with an in game estimate of 1 hour to complete. Exploring the underground mine is kinda cool and there are standard ways to interact with the environment such as finding keys to open certain underground passages and other items to interact with to progress in the game. For example one of the elevators is missing it’s handle and you need to search around in the mine to find it before you can descend to another depth.

One of the things I really liked about Depth 6 is the placement of it’s scares. Twice now I’ve had the shit scared out of me. The scares are very impressively spaced and there’s no lead up or even foreboding a scare is incoming. It just happens and when it does it’s disconcerting. Your heart leaps in your throat and then you curse the stupid game for it’s stupid jump scares but in this case it’s not’s stupid. It’s very well done and not continuous.

I personally have always been fascinated and a little intimidated about spelunking and exploring caves or underground mines. I have explored caves in real life on my own but they were always tourist area’s with well worn paths and not too much if any danger. Even though I relish the idea of maybe one day exploring virgin caves and seeing sights no one has ever seen, I’m aware of the tragedies of caving and being 51 years old I’m not sure if I’ll actually get into exploring caves as a hobby. I do however vicariously enjoy them via various video’s on YouTube and now that I’ve found Depth 6, I can find other similar games involving exploring mines/caves to satisfy my curiosity.

I have enjoyed every minute I’ve played of Depth 6 so far and can immediately recommend it if you are fan of first person horror games. I’m gonna cut the review short here. I will update this article when I finally do get to Depth 6 and get to one of the endings (I’m actually not sure at this point if Depth 6 will have multiple different endings like Suite 776 depending on how you progress through the game) and/or complete the game. I’ll complete the review with an addition to this article, or I will post the update when I complete the game in a comment below.

<…off to complete the game or get to one of the endings…>

Well I *did* finally get to Depth 6 and one of the endings. But I didn’t get the ending I wanted, I don’t think. I know there are multiple endings and there are still puzzles to solve and areas to explore and I really want to get some answers. I now know there are multiple endings and have actually played three times but only completed the game the 3rd time I played it. Man I gotta find the rest of the stuff and find out what’s behind the big black door at the beginning of the game…

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Now go get scared!

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