Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

I had started Pet Sematary: Bloodlines a couple times watching only 15 minutes or so till something more pressing pulled me away. I was finally able to sit down and watch Pet Sematary: Bloodlines and though it’s far from a great movie, I did enjoy it.

First off and the thing most will notice is the star power brought to bear. I mean we got Mulder! I mean David ‘Dutch Oven’ Duchovny of course. I have no idea if he was ever called Dutch Oven. It’s just something that came to mind and stuck with me so I would remember how to spell his last name. It’s a thing I do so I never forget how to spell something. Also featuring Pam Grier, Henry Thomas, Samantha Mathis, and Jackson White. With standout performances by Forrest Goodluck (he’s a compelling character in this one for sure), Isabella LaBlanc, Jack Mulhern, and Natalie Alan Lind plus a cast of other actors that worked together superfluously to make Pet Sematary: Bloodlines an engaging, and at times depressing, watch.

I enjoyed the prequel nature of the movie and very much appreciated director Lindsey Anderson Beer’s take on Pet Sematary. It’s definitely not a copy of what has come before and the cinematography is excellent. Being a Generation X 80’s love child brought me back to when I saw the original movie. One can never forget Gage’s tragedy and rebirth into an at times almost comical hell demon bent on the destruction of, well, everything.

And let’s not forget the forgettable Pet Sematary Two. Though I have not seen it in a while and do not remember much about it, I do still remember Clancy Brown‘s character. Clancy Brown is a juggernaut of an actor and brings his own special brand of character acting to everything he does. He’s one of the truly few actors impossible to type cast and box in character wise. I’ve been a fan of Clancy Brown and everything he’s in. Sure, he’s been in a lot of bad movies and dubious television offerings, but he definitely brings legitimacy to anything he’s in. Ever see the Outer Limits episode Clancy Brown was in? Worth a watch.

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines starts off strong with some good character build up in the first third of the movie, a nice look back in time all those years ago when it was a known place of evil by the Mi’kmaq tribe, and an ending that made good sense and tied up all the loose ends. As mentioned previously it’s not a great movie, but it sure was fun to watch. So, if you’re a fan of horror, a fan of Steven King derived works, or a Pet Sematary junkie with your own dead pets which might require some reanimation, Pet Sematary: Bloodlines just might be that satisfying watch to get you through a couple of hours of the day, or night.

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