Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

This website use to feature a ‘widget’ from Located at the bottom right corner of each page it’s function was to collect “coffee money”. Those who enjoyed content or simply felt generous enough to purchase a cup of coffee for various editors and writers of the various web sites it was a convenient method to collect those donations.. It was a ‘kitty’ for those challenging mornings where we lacked change for coffee and the occasional snack. It was a place that we could draw from to enjoy some coffee from the local coffee house, Peet’s Coffee (second choice), or Starbucks (third choice). Some of us are a bit partial to that Starbucks crumb cake as well.

Due to security concerns and immature code we stopped using the pre 4.x version of the BuyMeACoffee widget and it has been absent from the site for the past year. In the interim we decided to make available a page for collecting donations. For those generous souls who were inclined to donate it was a great alternative. The older versions of the BuyMeACoffee widget was practically a beta offering at the time and we were a bit sceptical of security features as it was something not addressed in the release notes. We lacked the resources to go through the code and validate the security features in the old version of the widget for so for safety’s sake we thought it prudent to forgo the use of the widget.

Today I received a message from and they are touting a new and improved version of its’ widget software. Currently at version 4.0 we have reinstituted the BuyMeACoffee widget on the website. If you haven’t noticed, there’s an iconic widget currently located at the bottom right corner of most pages of the website. It allows for quick donations through the service and should one have the munificence to make a small donation to our coffee fund it has become convenient once again. 😉

Thanks to everyone who have donated in the past and gratitude in advance for those considering making small coffee donations into the future. It keeps us all motivated and assists with the bills for the various web sites, blogs, and services that we offer, plus that oh so sweet dark roasted wonderful tasting coffee.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please consider a donation or utilize that BuyMeACoffee widget located at the bottom right corner if you like what we do.

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