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I needed to watch The Visitor twice before I was able to put the story together properly. The first time through I’ll admit it was background noise and I wasn’t paying full attention to the movie. Being a huge fan of Blumhouse drops it was a must see for me. My inattention during the first viewing worked out as sometimes it takes that second viewing to fully appreciate a movie.

While watching The Visitor it quickly occured to me there were a lot of themes and directions which were similar to Hereditary. In fact, and this is just conjecture but I think The Visitor may have been a kind of testing ground to produce the better movie, Hereditary. There’s a weird too smiley cult, the interaction with characters other than the direct family and main characters had a very Hereditary feel to it. I haven’t confirmed but it’s possible some of the cult members in The Visitor may also have been in Hereditary though I say this based on a feeling more than fact as I haven’t confirmed this. If you have already seen Hereditary and have not seen The Visitor put it on your ‘to view‘ list as I’m sure this is another horror drama you’re going to want to see.

The second viewing allowed me to put the whole story together properly and catch the subtle nuanced themes which was the only way the true horror of The Visitor finally expressed itself to me. It was chilling, sickening, and abhorrent in a way that bites to the bone.

After a series of tragedies, Robert moves with his wife back to her childhood home. After he discovers an old portrait of a man who looks like him, he goes down a rabbit hole to discover the identity of this mysterious doppelganger.

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Featuring Finn Jones and Jessica McNamee in the lead roles The Visitor was a made for TV movie, specifically the Epix stream service which could be one of the reasons it’s not as visceral as Hereditary, but there are some scary sick things going on which might be reminiscent of the feel of Hereditary. Definitely worthy of seeing if your a fan of Blumhouse horror.

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