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Beside Myself is yet another winner in the world of the short horror survival gaming genre. Found on, a veritable hub and outlet for indie producers to display their wares. Beside Myself is also available on Steam and further on in the article is a link the to Steam store page so you can download a copy of the game yourself. I personally recommend using the Steam link I will provide below but it really doesn’t matter. The demo is free.

I’ve been a bit busy over the last of couple months plus it’s been a challenge to locate a short horror game interesting enough to motivate me enough to play it through till the end, The real challenge has been trying to find a game which (a) would be interesting enough to keep me invested and playing through to the end and, (b) this is most important, that had a sequence that scared the living daylights out of me, which is one of my prerequisites to talk more about the game on my blog. That wait is over as Beside Myself checks both of those boxes.

Beside Myself has been sitting in my Steam library for about a month, maybe a month and a half now and I have taken 2-3 halfhearted attempts over that time hoping that it will hook me, and today was that day. Being an game works against me at times with their short content horror games I decided today was the day I was going to complete the game and remove it from my library to free up the space. I expected all the tropes, jump scares, and a bit of experience-based cognition to predict where the game will go and for the most part this was par for the course. If you’re a horror hero, you might finish the game in 20-30 minutes but in the end, it took me 45 minutes to about an hour to finally complete the game, and it was a thoroughly gratifying and in in the end a great horror experience.

If anyone out there is familiair with Dark Fracture: Prologue, Beside Myself is played in a very similar gritty atmosphere. Though Beside Myself is demo, it’s still a beautiful and scary playthrough and if these types of games appeal to you, you won’t go wrong with Beside Myself.

Beside Myself Demo may be downloaded for free from the Steam store page and here’s the link to take you directly there: Beside Myself Demo

**Credit: QuestTime for Article artwork/screenshot.

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