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I find it difficult as the years progress to find little gems as far as movies go. I don’t know if it’s my advanced age (53), the culling of my attention due to the proliferant nature of 20-minute YouTube videos or God forbid, good movies just aren’t being made anymore. I also want to mention that though Ragnarök is free on YouTube, I do have a monthly YouTube premium account so I’m not sure if it will be free to non-subscribers so you might have to determine that. Worst case scenario is you might have to watch it with ads, which the subscription spares me of.

Well today I found a little diamond in the rough that’s not only a fun watch but would be a great choice for family night and the kids. Though there are some scary themes throughout the movie, there are no blood and guts moments or on-screen fantastic deaths which might be a bit over the top for the younger crowd. Ragnarök gets a rating of “unrated” as it was made in Europe and doesn’t conform to our standards in how movies are rated. However, I believe the equivalent rating it would garner here in the United States would probably be a PG-13.

Ragnarök was filmed in Sweden, I think. Please forgive me if I am wrong on this as though I am aware of Scandinavia and some if its mythology, I am no expert on northern Europeans and their countries. I believe the language being spoken is Swedish, as there is a name Asa (pronounced ‘Oh-Suh) I recognize as I’ve met a person named Asa from Sweden. I mention this as I had to watch the movie with subtitles but in no way did that detract from the movie. In fact, it only made me wish I understood Swedish.

Ragnarök is a fun adventure movie with some tragic themes, but nothing too dramatic. There are some beautiful sweeping cinematic shots interspersed with some great music of what I imagine are Nordic country sides, some really good CGI, and as far as the production of Ragnarök goes, it’s all very polished and professional. There’s some great acting from all the leads and secondary characters, but the child actors also get a nod as they performed a phenomenal job in my opinion.

So if you have some time to spare, have a passing interest in Norse mythology and the ability to lose yourself in a fun movie, Ragnarök wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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