Sat. May 18th, 2024

I watched another chilling but beautiful horror short on YouTube. When I’m perusing the stream outlets attempting to locate something good to watch ‘Portrait of God’ is a prime example of what I am looking for. I don’t say this lightly simply due the enormity of indie horror content that is out there but Portrait of God in my opinion is a short that stands out. This is scary done very well, and there’s a great little critique of this short film by the name of “Dylan Clark’s ‘Portrait of God’ is a Strange Masterpiece.” I will provide links below.

There’s really not a whole lot more for me to say as watching Portrait of God and following it up with a viewing of the critique is more than enough. But I will add this. The character played by the woman in Portrait of God was an excellent choice as the depths of emotion and feeling can be conveyed by a simple look at her face.


  • Portrait of God – YouTube Link for Portrait of God.
  • Critique – Dylan Clark’s critique. (Critique pulled by creator – no longer available)

Thanks to Film Shortage for the picture above as I found it via a Google Image Search. Additionally a big thanks to the Dylan Clark YouTube channel and you can find his page here.

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4 thoughts on “Portrait of God – Excellent Horror Short Available on YouTube”
  1. If you have not seen this, you absolutely must. Especially if you are a horror enthusiast. One of the best independent creator created piece of media for any and all short horror media and platforms. You will not be disappointed. Additionally, if you have not seen the critique, another must.

    Critique – Dylan Clark’s critique.

      1. Just went back to the site and the critique, which was excellent btw, was removed by the creators. I did search for other copies I might be able to link to but have been unsuccessful so far. Should I find the video in question or another critique which covers some of the important points, I’ll link that. Thanks for the heads up.

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