Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Picked up this little uh, gem, yesterday off of Steam, along with about three or four assorted other indie titles and it too becomes another in a long line of opinion pieces on my fascination with horror and survival gaming. Missing Hiker is either going to make you exceptionally suspicious of me the next time I post an article or your well justified growing sense of appreciation for my must have opinion once again serves you well as you embark on yet another chapter in the annals of horror gaming history.

Backstory: Brother goes camping and/or hiking up in the mountains. He was supposed to be back yesterday, and you can’t reach him. Police won’t help until 48 hours go by. You decide to hop in your car and head to where your brother had last been. The game starts you off in a car, driving down a somewhat tree lined mountain background. After a few minutes of this you see some cars up ahead and eventually the lights of a gas station appear as welcoming beacons against the dark night’s cold indifference.

After rudely awakening one of the npc’s you wander over to the checkout counter and ask the man at the register if he remembers possibly seeing your brother. After a moment of pause, he does and says he left on foot out a mountain path behind the gas station.

You grab you some cold protection gear and your backpack and set down the dusty but well-worn path behind the gas station. After a bit of walking, you notice a light up ahead and off to the left in the trees. It’s a tent! As you make your way towards the tent a man jumps into view from inside the tent and you both nearly have heart attacks. Eventually a conversation is struck, and the random camper tells you about some odd noises he heard earlier when he was camped further up the trail.

Anyways, the game goes on until you eventually find out what you want to know. This game, or more aptly, walking simulator packs a bit of creepiness and a good scare as this first-person journey takes you deeper and deeper into the woods. Enjoy.

You can get Missing Hiker right here on Steam.

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