Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

What makes a good horror short story? Well, the same thing that makes a good horror long story. Originality, a good plot, some character development, and some good visuals. Of course, there are a lot more nuances to creating a good horror story as opposed to let’s say some generic action-packed shooter, but I think horror has an ace up its sleeve. The cosmic aspect. Something unknown, something that can’t and won’t be explained. Something left up to the mind’s eye to simmer, froth, and boil up something terrifying mere words or pictures simply cannot do justice to.

What do I think makes ‘The Chair‘ stand out from so many horror stories that are available commercially and online? Well for starters the cast. There’s only so much character development you can do in a short story, in this case 24 minutes, but some character development there is. Why they’re where they are and what they’re doing aren’t going to be mysteries in ‘The Chair‘. Good plot and plot devices are central to all good stories and ‘The Chair‘ gets a checkmark in that arena. Finally, some good visuals which enhance the viewers horror experience plus some good camera work that fluidly and flawlessly take in all the scenes are vital to visual story mediums and ‘The Chair‘ does not disappoint in that area.

Watching ‘The Chair‘ on first viewing was a definite treat for me. Being a longtime fan of horror it’s rare when a story grips me and transports me into the story for full immersion to bring that proper feeling of dread, but ‘The Chair‘ did it. There’s really nothing groundbreaking in the story visually or otherwise, it’s simply a very well told story presented perfectly and if you are a fan of horror, short or otherwise, I have the feeling you will enjoy ‘the creepiness that is ‘The Chair‘ as well.

You can find and view ‘The Chair‘ on YouTube here.

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