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NOTE: This article was written a few weeks ago and was lost during a server crash. This has been copy/pasted from a WordPress site which keeps articles around. Only lost 2 articles. This one and a movie review.

I wanted to post a Breacher fit that I have been using for the past couple of years. I put it together from scratch however there are only so many ways you can fit a ship so I’m sure others have come up with similar fits.

  • High Slots
  • 3x Rocket Launcher II
  • Medium Slots
  • T2 Medium Shield Booster
  • T2 Warp Scrambler
  • T2 Small Capacitor Booster
  • T2 1mn Afterburner
  • Low Slots
  • 2x T2 Ballistic Control System
  • Photonic Upgrade Co-Processor
  • Cargo
  • 10-12 Navy Cap Booster 400
  • 300x Inferno, Mjolnir, Scourge, and Nova Javelin Rockets
  • 600x Inferno, Mjolnir, Scourge, and Nova Rage Rockets
  • Drones
  • 2x T2 or better Warriors or Hobgoblins; Augmented for Spice, ECM for Giggles
  • ** DPS *highly* recommended however
  • Pills
  • Standard Blue Pill 20% Repair Bonus
  • Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB5 Dose II +5% Shield/Armor reps

Additionally a corp mate of mine who is expert in the ways of the Abyssal took this fit and seriously beefed it up with some well rolled Abyssal modules including shield booster and afterburner. As you become proficient with this fit, the ways of manual piloting, and manually orbiting in scram kite range (6-10km) it will pay off to spend the extra money on Augmented Hobgoblins, beefed up Abyssal modules, etc.

Overheating the rocket launchers and having Hobgoblin II’s out gets me about 170dps with 300-400 points of alpha damage. The standard T2 1mn Afterburner will get you approximately 1200m/s to 1600m/s (overheated) and even better if you go with ”enhanced’ Afterburners, weapons subsystems, pills etc. Additionally Augmented Drones can seriously effect ‘applied’ damage however at this point you run into having a drone that’s 10 times the value of the ships hull. This should always matter. It starts to not matter as you become intimate with the hull and know all the ships bonus’s, fitting requirements, slot configurations, etc etc. It’s when you start to think of your weapons and various subsystems as intricate and interconnected components of a single whole that the price of individual modules becomes irrelevant.

I want to spend a quick minute on some Eve Online capacitor booster theory. If you are a regular PVP’er then no doubt in your collection of PVP ships you have actively tanked ships with some mix of shield or armor repairers and possibly a small, medium, or large capacitor booster which runs off of, well cap booster charges. In this case the Breacher in this configuration is fed with Navy cap charges being fed with 400 gigajoule (GJ) of capacitor power per charge. Have you wondered if there was an optimal time to inject your cap booster, and more importantly is there something in the Eve interface or the fitting screen which will provide that information? The answer in order is yes, yes, and yes. I’m just going to go in and tell you how to do it and lay off the theory and background explanations of obvious details for now.

Make sure your Breacher is fit and your sitting in it in station. Could be any ship though, as long as it’s an active tanked ship fed with cap booster charges. Now open your fitting window. Make sure there is a cap booster charge in the capacitor booster. Right now as your sitting in station with the ship fitting window open look at the upper right side of the fitting screen at the portion which shows your capacitor statistics. If you have everything set up correctly you should have the ‘green’ message stating your cap stable (though this is unimportant and might not read cap stable, but doesn’t matter). Now look at the little gauge that represents your capacitor. You see that ratio of orange to black which represents the state of your capacitor based power system? The optimal time to inject is when your actual capacitor reaches the exact statistics shown in the fitting window or when your capacitor looks just like the capacitor representation in the fitting window. Whew I hope that makes sense without pictures. Yeah Later on I may think about editing this article to include pictures, but I just wanted to get this information out for someone who wanted me to show him something ‘technical’ lol.’

This fit will beat the dual tank Breacher with ancillary shield booster and ancillary armor repairer, however not by default. Meaning, against that fit you will need to keep moving, make sure you’ve taken your pills, watch your repping and overheating so you don’t burn stuff out. Against the dual tank Breacher I prefer to use Hobgoblin II drones over Warrior II’s if that’s what I have in cargo. In general against any opponent in this ship you’ll want to keep up transversal by orbiting and moving aggressively in general. You can fight through the whole length of rocket range out to about 8400m if you have perfect skills but remember the Warp Scrambler only reaches to 9km (11km OH) so you’ll want to be in scram kite range the whole fight. Against blaster and most laser based ships you want to stay outside of 5km but inside of your point range as that’s where they’re weapons are most dangerous. Against missile/rockets you just want to keep moving applying at least as much DPS as they are. Set your orbit at 5500-6500 for most targets and immediately flip on your shield reps. Turn them off in a couple cycles if you are easily tanking you opponent or leave it running if your getting hit with heavy dps. I do consider this a relatively advanced ship and mainly for the reason that though it’s a good fit it will go a long way with pills, implants, and MOST importantly, good piloting. However a Breacher is still a Breacher in the fact that though not paper thin, proper flying will go a long way towards mitigating incoming damage as the Breacher is not a ship with the most tank.

Let’s talk about the tank. With nothing else and just the T2 medium shield booster, you get 244 points of damage repped in 2 – 3.5 seconds. The Breacher comes with a 7.5% shield boost bonus so along with implants and pills this means moar reps! With an afterburner orbit this Breacher easily tanks most types of incoming damage. Overheat the AB for as long as you can from the start without overheating or damaging other modules too much.

All in all this is my favorite Breacher fit. So put it together and fly with it a bit.

**NOTE: I also did some testing with putting a DDA (Drone Damage Amplifier T2) with the Augmented Hobgoblins and it gives a slightly higher DPS rating. Play around with it on your own.

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  1. Note: After further testing 2x Ballistic Control System gives better DPS on paper. Sometimes the Augmented Hobs will get a nice hit with Drone Damage Amplifier but in retrospect I now use 2x BCS – rljpdx

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