Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

I’m not a fan of zombie movies. Well, I’ll digress a bit. Being an 80’s child, thought I had seen all that ever could be done with Zombies through the Romero and knock off, straight to B and C zombie offerings, so a long time ago I developed an anti-zombie stance and just didn’t watch any more zombie movies, unless they were filmed in abandoned shopping malls. But then I got this 3x offering from the Internet giving me Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney Channel for $13.99 and for one month I think it will be a good deal. đŸ˜‰

I am thoroughly impressed with World War Z and though being a huge fan of Brad Pitt initially that could not win me over to give World War Z the time of day. Then seasonal depression finally kicked in and being indoors so much cracked me in half and I had no choice but to sit through the offering of World War Z.

I was impressed. I was really impressed. Star power, great acting, awesome special effects, and a great story line sometimes isn’t enough, and for the professional film critics of the world World War Z was just another zombie gambit with star power to bring in a few bucks. Well apparently it didn’t work out as well as the big name movie studios would have liked but I personally thoroughly enjoyed World War Z. And for that reason alone you should go and enjoy it too.

I went into this movie pen ready to write a scathing review but I simply enjoyed World War Z too much. I thought it was a fun movie with some pretty killer special effects; the cascading zombie effects were awesome. Yeah, I liked it, and if your a fan of Zombie movies and Brad Pitt, should be a no brainer.

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