Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I had a $2.99US credit on Steam for some game I had refunded some weeks ago. Don’t even remember the name of that game but I do remember giving it like 3 chances and it kept glitching out so I returned it. Today I discovered a Turnvex game created by developer Stanislaw Truchowski, who’s a personal favorite of mine, called A Girls Fabric Face. I’m sure most of you have heard of Suite 776 and if not click back there for the link to my review. It’s from the same game company and developer and I’m really looking forward to playing A Girls Fabric Face. Otherwise I’ll just refund the $2.99 and look for something else. Muahahaha…

I have stopped and started this game about 3 times. This game is definitely a little more difficult than the free offerings from Turnvex and Stanislaw Truchowski so I’m really looking forward to playing A Girls Fabric Face some more during this hopefully final session as the goal is to complete the game today, or at least get one of the endings. As usual this a game estimated to be completed in just under an hour or so. If you’ve played other Turnvex games by this developer that should be familiar. Additionally this game introduces some new features which Turnvex’s other free games on Steam didn’t have. There’s a sleep functionality as well as charge battery functionality, which weren’t things you had to deal with in the other games by same developer, but those games were free and this one was a pay for a very cheap ‘pay for’ I might add and worth every cent ;). Sleep and battery management are nothing new in horror games but from the start I knew A Girls Fabric Face would probably be a little more challenging than Stanislaw Truchowski’s previous free games and me playing those have all been practice for leading up to this game. Just in case you haven’t played Stanislaw/Turnvex’s free offerings on Steam they are Suite 776, as mentioned above, Inside Depth 6 and Minds Eyes all of which I have written articles on and you can read those via the links in this sentence.

— Off to play to complete the game, or least an ending...

Okay I just finished ending 2 of 4, titled ‘Forgiving‘! Woohoo! Took me a solid hour. However this ending was a little unsatisfying, so I’m definitely going to play A Girls Fabric Face again as there is a puzzle or two left to solve, a key or two to find, and 3 more endings đŸ˜‰ Once again Stanislaw Truchowski and Turnvex come through with a great little horror game with not too intense jump scares. What’s more scary is just the ambiance and setting of the game. It’s amazing how at first glance an area so small can turn out to be so large.

A lot of people call these ‘one and done’ games but now that I ‘ve played all the games by this developer and software house I’m definitely a fan and hope they put out some more titles in the future. Sure, the games are short but games that take me 45 minutes to an hour and half to complete are all right by me, especially when there’s still a lot of playability left in the game, as has been the case with all the Turnvex games.

One of the things that’s slightly unnerving to me but has nothing to do with the game is the fact that the only Steam achievement I received for playing this game was for the ending. There are 8 other achievements to look for and this is one of the reasons I don’t mind Steam. The achievements just add a little extra incentive to playing the game and for me part of gaming these games is finding all the little secrets so I’ll post an update to this article sometime in the future when I find other endings.

This game is only $2.99US on Steam and worth every penny. I think it’s priced perfectly, but now that I’m hooked on the Turnvex games I would probably pay a few dollars more when the next one comes out.

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