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Last months crypto update was looking good there at the beginning of September with our crypto/altcoin balance sitting at about $130.00US but that didn’t last long. Because in the coming couple of weeks that same balance would drop down into the $68.00US range. Slowly it would build back up but unfortunately would not see the same highs as in the beginning of the month of September. But it did grow a little.

Now, as you know if you’ve been following along with our/my little crypto/altcoin experiment you’d know I have about an actual $65.00 invested and the additional $65 or so you see in addition to that has come from the crypto and altcoin market fluctuations as well as the free learning crypto you get from Coinbase when you sign up for an account. So the market has been decent plus the $41US or so that Coinbase gives you for learning about various altcoins and the crypto subject in general is a great incentive. Plus they have ways that you can earn more crypto via buying into interest bearing coins as well.

Well the beginning of this month sees our crypto assets turning slightly north. Now it’s not as high as I have seen it for the micro amounts that I invested, but a little. Plus, I added about $35.00US more in investments in buying and re-buying DOGE, Alchemy Pay (ACH), XY Oracle Network (XYO) and finally some Shiba Inu (SHIB). So with a total cash investment of about $70 cash it’s nice to that it’s turned into $117.00 at the time of this writing and the trending seems to be in the positive direction.

This month I did some probably what is called risky investment activity. I noticed that Bitcoin averages about $43k, well average, dips into as high as 51k or more on upswings, and can swing as low as 39k on downswings. So I decided to try something. I put all of crypto investments into a single coin, watched it grow, and then about 45 minutes later I was about $13 richer. Now when I say I put all of crypto investments into a single coin, I’m talking about $60. I didn’t bet on Bitcoin however. I bet on some obscure little coin called (FET). To make long stories short, I basically purchased it at the 0.91US price, watched it rise as high as 1.20US price, and then cashed it all out when it was at $1.15US and when all was said and done I have 50 more Stellar Lumens (XLM total 152.873450) than when I started (XLM total 100.87). This was awesome. Sure I’m only trading in micro amounts to what is probably similar to betting on penny stocks on NASDAQ but it was exciting nonetheless. Of course this got addicting and I tried to perform the similar task over the next few days which only amounted to me losing coin. So that list of coin I put in last months update will look different than this current outlook:

  • Bitcoin 0.00096505 $45.94 $47602.82 %39.21 (-0.00013904 for breakfast; see below)
  • XRP 31.512036 $31.97 $1.01 %27.29
  • Alchemy Pay 144.97136413 $10.41 $0.0718 %8.89
  • Dogecoin 45.30153679 $9.79 $.022 %8.36
  • XYO 335.17175599 $9.61 $0.0287 %8.21
  • Shiba Inu 1239996.42176393 $9.27 $00000756 %8

That chart may look dense but if you follow it line by line it tells the coin type, the amount in that coin, the US dollar conversion, the cost for 1, and finally the percentage of it that represents MY personal portfolio. I am continuing to keep an eye on all the above coins plus an interest in the following: XLM (I’ll be converting all my BITCOIN to Stellar Lumens once BTC hits 49-51k). SHIB and DOGE I will watch and possibly purchase on a monthly basis if the price stays steady. Alchemy Pay (ACH) and XYO (XY ORACLE) I have keen interest in and hoping they rise. I only keep that BTC around to cover or equal the Stellar Lumens (XLM) I was experimenting around with.

Additionally, I like AMP, ANKR, IOTX, FET, LRC, SKL, BAT, COTI and the ALGO (Algorand) as possible next purchases. I currently have all of those starred (watched) and along with my actual holdings I keep an eye on those crypto and altcoins.

Okay, I think that will do it for this first day of the month October update. Keep an eye out for more. Generally I put out only one crypto update a month unless something happens (last month three updates went out!)

— Add on a couple hours later

I went out earlier to get my breakfast. I occasionally go to have breakfast here. Before I left for breakfast this morning my BTC Bitcoin balance was like $40.00US or something. As I was having breakfast I noticed that it was up to like $50US. Now this is MY Bitcoin balance and as you can see I own very small fractional amounts. About 0.00096505. Apparently I had accidentally used my Coinbase Visa card and my breakfast cost $0.00013904 BTC, or $6.66US (actual cost was 6.50US with 2.00US tip). I’m trying to get money OUT of BTC and back into XLM but I don’t want to lose money/coin in the process obviously. I was just about ready to turn all my BTC into XLM but then the breakfast thing hit. Well, BTC is on its way up so maybe in a few hours or so I an make that trade đŸ˜‰

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