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The Dead Center was in my ‘watch next’ list on Amazon Prime. I’m not even sure what I was watching prior to prompt The Dead Center to show up but let’s hope it’s a good one. Don’t know anything about the movie and haven’t even had the time or remembered to watch a preview on this flick. But somewhere it was billed as a horror movie, and since that’s right in my wheelhouse, I guess I’ll sit down and give it a watch.

The Dead Center is a spooky little movie that makes great use of sound to set the stage for eerie happenings and things to come. The various sounds used in the various scenes was a very powerful way to mix audio and video formats to create spooky and sinister effects and surroundings. I mean many movies use sound to up the weird factor, like for example in The Babadook. Starting off talking about the sound and audio effects might be an off-beat way to start a movie review, but it is one of things I took with me and remembered about the movie.

We get some great, and I mean great, character development in our main character Daniel Forrester, played by the underrated Shane Carruth, who in my opinion puts in a great showing. There ‘s some really great acting performances in The Dead Center and Bill Feehely (the coroner) also puts in a standout performance. Not to mention Jeremy Childs character who puts in a great performance as well. Usually when I watch horror movies I don’t pay attention to many of the characters because, ya know, they get killed off, but the performances by the all the actors in this movie was top notch. Could be because I’ve been watching too much SciFi Channel and B horrors but in my opinion all the actors did a great job in The Dead Center.

Now as I only write no spoiler reviews, I’m gonna apologize in advance for being vague in the next few sentences. While watching The Dead Center and trying to figure out what’s going on, don’t forget about the little mystery our coroner character has embarked on. I mentioned above the Bill Feheely, the coroner, does a great job with his character and it’s easy to forget your watching a horror movie while he does his investigating.

Cosmic Horror Anyone?

The Dead Center was written and directed by Billy Senese. Featuring Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan and Jeremey Childs. Released in 2018 as a horror mystery thriller with an IMDB rating of 5.8. Winner of the Nightfall Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival and nominated for the Jim Ridley Award at the Music City Film Critics’ Association Awards.

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