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I found The Beast Inside while watching YouTube and checking out some of my favorite gameplay channels. Right now the channel of the month is The Outer Middle Show run by MadVlad. It’s a channel I discovered a couple of months ago and I needed a break from Markiplier and JackSepticEye so let’s give MadVlad some screen time.

First things first. This is just a demo and the first thing that hits me is the quality of the graphics. Decent graphics is always a good thing. Sometimes set’s the tone for a game. Starts off as most horror games do with a drive down a road somewhere with your significant other, then a walk until you find some creepy cabin or mansion in the middle of the woods, and in you two go. One of the funny things near the start of the game (teeny spoiler) is that you need to locate a specific key, the key to the attic. So I ask my significant other in the game where the key to the attic might be and she tells me it’s in the kitchen in a drawer. So after ten to fifteen minutes of searching what I think is the kitchen area I hear a yell and my significant other lets me know she made a mistake and it’s not in the kitchen in a drawer. It’s in a box in the trunk of the car. Go figure. Hilarious. Anyways, after taking some abuse from the girlfriend and putting the boxes where she wants them it’s time to locate and use this key to the attic…

And so that’s how the first chapter starts. I rummaged around the beginning area and gave it a good look over. First outside the house for a bit, and then inside the house for a bit more exploring. As mentioned above the graphics are great in this game and the amount of things you can touch and manipulate is mind blowing. You can just about pick up anything that looks like it can be picked up and inspect or throw it. I guess this adds more to the game in the fact that now there’s a lot more stuff to look at for clues. I completed Chapter 1 after a few playthrough’s and now as I end this sentence I’m ready to move on to Chapter 2 of The Beast Inside.

Yeah, so far the game seems great, but it’s just the beginning. We’ve got the controls down. As I’m a PC gamer I will be playing this game with standard WASD keyboard and mouse (look) setup. As with most other games the first chapter or level is usually the quick introduction to the game, complete with a few menial tasks that let you know what the main keys are and examples of what happens when you use them. WASD to move, mouse to look around, C to crouch, left mouse button to interact/throw object, [TAB] to open inventory, ‘F’ to light the lamp or matches and [SHIFT] to sprint and [SPACE] to jump. Standard.

Chapter 2 is titled, “Uninvited Guest” and I am very much looking forward to playing it as Chapter 1 was the perfect backstory and exposition to whet my apetite for more horror gaming. So go to Steam, download this free demo, and check it out. I have the feeling that I might be buying this one, but that will have a lot to do with how Chapter 2 plays out. I’ll update this post in the near future and put the details on how Chapter 2 came out and whether I moved forward with purchasing the game. Thank you!

The Beast Inside Demo may be found on Steam and the demo is FREE!

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2 thoughts on “The Beast Inside Demo – Steam Horror”
  1. Okay I finally finished the demo and yeah, I think I *may* buy the game. I mean I liked everything about the game, and it’s one of those games where you need to look around and under everything, touch or move everything you can to find secret messages, and my god, the number of drawers you have to open did get a little tiring, but I did complete the 2 chapters now in the demo. Yeah, the game is good, very clean graphics, and other than the kinda of clunky open drawer mechanism, which you’ll get use to, I may just revisit this.

    But I have literally 10 other one and done games as well as a few others I’ve paid for that I need to get through.

    The Beast Inside demo is free on Steam and if you look at the review above, there’s a link in the last paragraph that will take you right the to the Steam page!


  2. I finally purchased the whole game for the reasonable price of $2.49. I was surprised when the upon first loading the game and starting it, it remembered up to the point where I played the demo to and started there. Excellent graphics, engaging storyline, cool devices to get you through the story. Playing this currently. I’ll add an update once I have completed the game.

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