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I discovered The Conspiracy by accident today while looking for other conspiracy related material and information to maybe write an article about. Maybe not so much of an accident, but I wasn’t looking for a movie per se. I’m glad I did discover it though.

This is a little movie about a couple guys making a movie about conspiracy. Not the actual conspiracies, but the fascinating people that believe and advocate certain well known conspiracies. If you think this is a movie about some global power elite, in sections of government, big pharma, and large corporations making a bid to take over the world to bring about some new world order, then you’d be right. Sure, the Bilderberg’s are mentioned, and Bohemian Grove is referred to, rather heavily I might add, but this is a fictitious story about a fictitious subject… Millions of conspiracy theorists the world over are familiar with the story of some worldwide connected organization of the rich and powerful who spend their days manipulating world governments from large international corporations to the conglomerate of world leaders in an effort to bring about some one world government which they will ultimately be at the head of.

Sure nothing new there, but here’s the rub. We have a couple guys, amateur wannabe detective sleuths who start their journey into discovering the people that are into conspiracy theories. They discover a guy, who I’m going to say might be your average conspiracy nut-job yelling at no one and everyone with an expensive looking bullhorn with detachale microphone right in the crowded downtown metropolitan area complete with a huge, but portable, ‘billboard’ he carries around with hundreds of articles pasted to it. Of course there are thumb tacks with string somehow connecting whatever events or whatever is on the portable “billboard”. If that’s stereotypical I think it’s suppose to be.

Now, as I always write No Spoiler reviews, I of course can’t go into any details.

But people disappear, or do they?

One of things I really like about The Conspiracy was the ending. It leaves a few things open and makes you wonder just what exactly happened there. I was left with questions after watching the movie… The ending was very good, I liked it anyways.

Anyways, YES, I approve wholeheartedly of The Conspiracy and if you’re into that kind of thing, check it out. Even if you’re not into that kind of thing it makes for a good mystery drama thriller, so check it. Plus it’s free if you watch it on TubiTV, which is always free, IIRC. There are some who may not agree with the tag of horror, but there are some horrible things afoot, or are there?

The Conspiracy was directed and written by Christopher MacBride. Featuring Aaron Poole, James Gilbert, and Ian Anderson. The Conspiracy was released in 2012 and is billed as a horror thriller with an IMDb rating of 6.3.

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