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I found Curse of Aurore after watching a different found footage film on Amazon Prime called Doppel. Curse of Aurore was one of the movies that was in the listings right after watching Doppel. Doppel is another found footage horror type of film but I decided not to write an article on it because though parts of it were good and very creepy, it’s just not a good enough movie for me to recommend. The main reason being that it ends with too many unanswered questions and just didn’t seem like a complete movie. The slow burn nature of Doppel though did well in leading up to the creep factor at the end, even if it seemed like it just packed all the scares into the ending and then called it day.

Curse of Aurore is another independent movie made by amateurs but it’s slightly better than Doppel. If you’re paying attention you’ll catch ghostly happenings in the background or in mirror reflections, which was done well to play up the creep factor. The short synopsis we get on Aurore is that she was the young daughter of some folks that apparently went nutso buttso up in the great white north and killed her. I don’t think we learn why.

I enjoyed Curse of Aurore for the scary stuff that could be discovered in the background while the movie was running. Also the bits and pieces we learn about the Aurore story and creepy happenings at 1am next door keep the movie interesting while ramping up the creep factor.

A couple of friends journey up to Canada to meet with another one of their group. The trio are a group of amateur movie makers hoping to make a spooky film with the backstory being a tragedy in this winter laden Canadian town. As the group makes their way around town and try to learn more about the “tragedy of Aurore” it seems they are getting the cold shoulder from the locals.

This film is done in found footage style and I really can’t say anything bad about the filming or acting. I liked the acting because it did well in giving the audience, me, feelings towards people in the film; the character development is pretty good and it’s easy to be shocked at douchey klepto people whose opinions don’t matter. You’ll understand if you get around to watching Curse of Aurore.

Curse of Aurore, Directed by Mehran C. Torgoley and starring Llana Barron, Lex Wilson, and Jordan Kaplan. This is a horror drama in English with subtitles if you need it.

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