Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

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Know Fear was a title I found today while perusing my Amazon Prime movie account. I use to be real picky when choosing a new a horror movie to watch but I’ve learned that being picky is not the way to pick out a horror movie, or any movie for that matter. I’d let the cover graphics influence me, or the cast of characters or even look to the subject matter to persuade me in choosing the right piece of entertainment but these tried and true tactics only go so far. Eventually you’ll run out of cover art that’s appealing, or you’ve seen all the movies with your favorite actors and/or you’ll run out of subject matter influences that guide your hand, or mouse pointer, as the case may be and it may turn out to be an ordeal in just finding something to watch.

So now, I just kind of pick the first movie in a list of movies presented to me or I will randomly choose one. This I have discovered is the best tactic when looking for a movie to watch. I have discovered some gems that I would not have otherwise watched using this tactic. If you go to any of the media/movie outlets without doubt you will have a huge selection of titles to choose from and it can be overwhelming if your trying to find that one movie that you think you will like. But I suppose movies’ aren’t like that. You just got to spin the wheel sometimes and watch what fate delivers because it’s hard to know if a movie is good or not till you watch it.

Know Fear is a slow burn. I’ve watched about 65% of the movie at this point and it’s only now starting to get interesting. There’s been some minimal back story leading up to the events which I imagine are about to happen but I’m not going to try to outthink or get ahead of the movie at this point. It’s been moving along real slow but the actors in Know Fear are unknown to me but they are doing a great job. None of the acting is cheesy and so far it’s been a good production. Now I will return to the movie to watch the remaining 28 minutes and 23 seconds of this movie which has a full running time of 1 hour and 18 minutes.

<Shuffling sounds and refrigerator door can be heard in the distance as I prep to settle back down to the show…>

One of the things I want to point out is young actor Jack DiFalco’s phenomenal acting in this movie. He was very convincing and I believe he has a long career in acting and movies if he decides to stick with it. He’s no boy toy (I guess) and seems like a regular guy, which I think is his appeal. I’m just very impressed with his acting in this movie and I stopped the video after watching a scene with him ‘in the basement’ to write this paragraph.

Oh man has it picked it, it’s gotten to the creepy scary factor now and I’m really starting to enjoy this. We got drills going through people, chicks trying to eviscerate themselves, though I admit if your squeamish, you’ll be able to deal with the minor gore and if your a tried and true horror fan, the stabbing and blood effects might seem cheesy, but it’s turning out to be a great story.

The ending turned out to be a little abrupt, but all in all I did enjoy the movie. The ending left the movie wide open for a sequel as there’s some unfinished business however Know Fear was good enough for me to go and check if the sequel to this movie has come out yet.

Well, this will do it for another one of my horror reviews.

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