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I found this video while doing a search on Amazon Prime for ‘found footage mockumentary.’ If it wasn’t the first thing that popped up at the top of the list it was up there or pretty close. I had skipped this particular video a few times in the past because I thought it was like an actual documentary. This is not a found footage flick but made more in the style of a documentary.

One of the things I immediately enjoyed about this particular movie is the seemingly real people and real conversations. It absolutely does not feel scripted and all of the camera work and conversations seem absolutely organic, meaning it seems real, if that makes sense.

One of the things he mentions at the start of the video is that he is a budding film producer/director and is into making zombie movies, though nothing much becomes of that. From that tidbit of information I learned about the main character it gave the impression that maybe he was looking to make his financial outlook better, and aren’t we all? However, I noticed that his very nice house, possibly even a mansion, though obviously I couldn’t tell that from shots of his room, had some beautiful renaissance period paintings (originals if I were to guess) and I started to wonder. Then, when he needs to take a trip to Pennsylvania to follow up on some of his work, I just assumed when he mentioned to his client it would take 3 hours to get there that he would be driving. That assumption was wrong. He has is own Piper Cub (that’s a two seater airplane) at a private airfield and what I perceived was going to be a three hour drive is actually a three hour flight in his private plane. Needless to say, I think maybe his financial situation was a little better then either he voiced or from what I was able to discern from what was going on in the video shots.

I’ve watched about half the movie up to this point and as usual this is the point that I usually start my reviews, but in this case I actually started the review just as The Blackwell Ghost started. I like how everything is going so far. Some people might describe this as a slow burn but Paranormal Activity could possibly be described as a slow burn as well. In no way am I comparing this to that just pointing out the movie is progressing at a pace that is ‘normal’ for this type first person shot videography/documentary. I am enjoying what I am seeing so far, though nothing has really happened and I really look forward to how this is going to play out. So with said, I will now complete the last half of the movie…

<…watching last half of The Blackwell Ghost now…>

One of the cool things I liked was when he pulled out the 16mm camera. The graininess of that film stock for some reason made every shot look scary, even when nothing was going on. Now I understand why some people use that mode or that type of film. It’s creepy in and of itself. Though my mind was probably trained to see things like that through all the other found footage and horror movies I’ve watched. Still, to me it was interesting.

When the movie got creepy, it got real creepy. The elements that were put into this mockumentary to make it scary was done absolutely spot on. I was on the edge of my seat awaiting what was going to happen.

And then the movie ended. No explanations, no exposition, nothing. If you’re going to watch this movie, I have a feeling you too will enjoy it. And when the creeps start happening, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat too hoping you don’t get too scared or jump when it does come. But it doesn’t. It just ends. And you’ll be disappointed.

A very disappointing ending at that. Almost makes me wish I never watched this, however what it did do it did well. But the ending. Just terrible.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about this one. Enjoy or not.

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