Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I had the chance to reread some of the most recent articles lately and there was something wrong. There were a lot of run on sentences, weird comma pause points, and just a general almost confusing nature seemed to entered into my writing and I thought maybe I shouldn’t try to write.

But more and more I’m discovering it’s Grammarly. When I wrote before I would go through a 3 step editing process which was probably 6-10 read throughs for refinements, changes, editing and eventually I come ups with an article I am happy with for publishing. But lately I’ve been relying on Grammarly to do things maybe it was not meant to do; like be a full on writing assistant and never be wrong and understand me and and do al the hard work in putting out my articles.

This was a mistake. I tried Grammarly and it’s a great idea. Just going to go back a more thorough review process so I can come up with articles at least I can happy with.

What it’s done is broken my style of writing. I somehow imagined it was going to do the hards and maybe sacrifice from clarity for precision.

Gonna go over the last few articles and rewrite or at least heavily edit it. I wasn’t happy with the latest Perseverance story when I read it again yesterday and will start with that.



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