Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

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Havne’t watched a horror movie all the way through in one or two sittings in a while so I decided today was the day to do so. Whether it’s the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard I’m currently playing or because of the strange sounds emanating from my bathroom and weird apocalyptic dreams of being run over by manikins I’ve all the sudden had the urge for some more horror in my life.

Stay, a new found footage, well oops, this is not found footage. This is one of those video-log types of movies that we are seeing popping up all over the place. Anyways, this vlog type of first-person footage (or technically third person I guess) starts off by introducing us to some pretty creepy footage at the beginning. This creepy footage plays out over a few minutes and for a second I thought the whole movie was going to be like that but fortunately the frame changes and the movie proper starts.

To me, there is nothing more cringe-worthy maybe than following a fashion model’s life in all its gory detail. The movie starts off with an Asian beauty obviously in the fashion scene who is preparing to audition for one of the biggest fashion shoots in the world. This would be our heroine’s claim to fame if she could pull off this audition and get the casting call. We get a bunch of exposition for a while and then the wanting to be nervous scene of getting the casting call while being filmed live (vlogged!) comes and what do you know, she’s accepted! She’s now a supermodel!

Luckily all of this happens pretty quickly at the beginning of the film so we can get on to the movie and I can assure you the above few paragraphs will not spoil the movie in any way. The build-up to the horror aspects are very well paced in this film and the cut scenes and hint scenes we get are enlightening and creepily cryptic. I generally watch these movies in two stages. I’ll watch the movie halfway and then start my review articles, which is where this article is at now. I will now complete the movie but had I only seen the first 10 minutes of this film, there is no way I could recommend it, but now seeing half the movie man my interest in the movie is piqued, and Stay has hooked me.

<Break as I finish watching the movie>

This was a movie that did many things well. The transition from the beginning of the story to the midpoint and to the ending was great. The build-up to creepiness and some of the ideas and videography were extremely well done. We get a lot of hints to what could be a great backstory and the male lead, shit, his claim to fame must be as a Tom Cruise lookalike because, from certain angles he’s dead-on, I mean dead on. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done body double work.

Anyways, this is a good little movie found on Amazon and watched via my Amazon Prime account so if you’d like to see it, you can check there.

The ending of the movie left a lot to be desired but there’s a small hint that there may be answers elsewhere. Anyways, check this out if you’ve got some time to burn are or a horror fiend. There were some downsides to this movie but all in all, I enjoyed it mostly and there’s nothing in the movie that wold make me not watch it.

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