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Hello all. When I was younger, I use to play every video game I could get my hands on, regardless of the genre or type, I would spend the time to master the game. It was the game that interested me more than the details. However, that was in my teens. I am in my early 50’s now and haven’t kept up with current events in gaming, with one exception, Eve Online, of which I am a daily player.

So when I load up or start to play newer games, a lot of the time I will get frustrated if I can’t get past some area or sage and simply give up and move on with some expletives about how hard the stupid game was. But I’ve moved beyond this defeatist attitude and now try to figure the games out and when I get completely stumped, I’ll go to Youtube for a little help and watch one of the YouTube presenters I enjoy listening to (Markiplier and Civvie at the moment; they tend to change as I exhaust their video lists) and watch a playthrough video, but only as much as will get me to the next area or stage of whatever I’m playing.

When I was a teen games were a matter of look around, move, and shoot. Today’s games are much more immersive and dare I say complicated with excellent graphics and additional gameplay elements such as puzzles, mini-games, crafting, side quests to main quests, etc. Initially, I was very intimidated when starting a game like Alien Isolation which are relatively long games, have much to do, and can be played in many different ways (kill everyone, kill no one, selectively kill, etc).

But today I’m here to talk about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This is a beautifully crafted first-person shooter, well first-person perspective anyways, and involves many things that are de-facto standards in today’s games, such as quests, crafting, and most importantly remembering the huge maps you’re going on to be dealing with as I play the game.

I have made it through the first 4 or 5 sections so far but am still trying to leave the house. Currently, I am exploring the house looking for the blue dog heads so that I can open the front door, which seems to be the main quest at the moment however I am going through many of the side quests concurrently. I don’t know RE lore as this is my first RE game so forgive me if I talk about the game wrong or misname the monsters. I am fascinated by how awesome the graphics are and a lot of the fun in these games for me is simply exploring the virtual landscape. Everything in this game is so beautifully crafted right down to the spoiled and disgusting food in the refrigerators. Not to include any spoilers in this article but there is this one mini-game that I found fascinating. You come to a couple of rooms that have a bright light shining on a picture on the wall. In the picture, there is something missing. Between the wall and platform that is projecting the light, there is some object you have to manipulate by rotating it and make a shadow that matches the missing section in the picture the light is shining on. God, I hope that made sense. The object you manipulate has nothing to do with the missing portion of the picture but as you slowly rotate the object you will find a shadow that perfectly matches what’s missing in the picture. Not sure if I explained that well but I was fascinated by this little mini-game/puzzle for how cool it was, how original it was; I had never seen anything like that in a game and it was just awesome.

I don’t want to go into any other details of the game so I don’t spoil it for someone but I’m glad I picked this game to dedicate playing through till the end so I can get back into the enjoyment I use to have when I was younger but have lost in my later years.

I am currently playing through RE7, but I am also playing Alien Isolation, Dishonored, Doom Eternal and Shadow Warrior 2 as I get back into gaming. I play the games and finish a section daily before saving and moving on to whatever I want to play next. In this day and age of YouTube I’m sure writing about this stuff is not as fun as having a video about it, but I haven’t really learned all the video techniques and software to make videos for presentation and kinda know how to write so am just keeping this to my blog.

The final thing I want to touch on is that I am a big fan of the horror genre, whether in games or movies or whatever so be prepared to be scared via jump scares and other creepy stuff in the game. If your not into fear and horror and stuff like that maybe pick a different game to play, and definitely don’t play this at night with lights out as your screen splays funky shadows on the wall behind and just out of eyesight of that RE7 slime thing surely materializing behind you as you play this game to kill you. Just kidding. Enjoy the game.

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  1. Man, just today I finally beat that asshole Jack, but I suspect he might come back. I mean I did pretty much only leave the lower half of his body alone but the upper half of his body no longer exists. But who knows what kind of biohazards these jerks are working with to come back to life and get all strong and able to withstand multiple chainsaw blows, some even almost cutting the fucker in half. It took me forever and a day to finally get out of the house and into yard. Using the camper right now for save games and other character maintenance before I start exploring the yard.

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