Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Block Island Sound – Spooky and fluid this was an amazing find on Netflix. Set mostly in overcast Northeastern climates this terrifyingly little tale weaves another tapestry of what contact might be like and just exactly just what the ultimate intention just might be. Very entertaining and I need to look up the studio and directors as they must have put out other little gems like this or at the very least hopefully some more creepy films. This film EXCELS in creepiness. Check it out.

Haunting of the Mary Celeste – This was a beautifully made ocean based haunting about an infamous vessel by the name of the Mary Celeste that was found abandoned near the Azores island group which is one of two autonomous regions of Portugal. Though the event happened over 150 years ago we have a small group of research students/scientists studying old ships or researching old pirate tales. They need to rent a boat and reach the crash site and have all relevant maps and GPS coordinates. But people will be people. This was a fun no stress can even watch with the kids if you want kinda movie. I can even say I enjoyed the end of this one.

The Retreat – About 45 minutes into this you get the feeling you might have just found the ripoff of The Ritual but slow down there now whippersnapper, this surely isn’t that and as you continue to get sucked into the movie pay attention to what’s going on. This was a fun and somewhat scary (if you were to spend too much time thinking about it with a psychological slant) watch. You can see where the special effects were lacking but what obviously was a low budget movie monster shines kinda brilliantly in this fun little horror. The first half of the movie worked so well even as we the audience needed to stop a get some awareness on what’s going on. When this movie is over I guarantee you will stop for a second, say hunh, that was a fun little movie.

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