Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

I saw The Conjuring 1 years ago and I’ve always thought of it as a kind of PG-13 horror film even though it was rated R. I’m sure I’ve seen PG-13 movies with more egregious real life stuff you wouldn’t want youngsters to see and just don’t think scary monsters should warrant an R rating. Anyways, The Conjuring is old school in it’s presentation and when it starts off we get the whole PG-13 American family kind of vibe. There’s a few jump scares and even a good one or two but I’ve never thought of it as a great or even excessively good movie in any sense. It’s was always kind of meh to me. Could be I was all hyped up to see it when it came out in the theaters and then was kind of let down when it wasn’t super scary or even an enthralling story. Before watching The Conjuring 2 I decided to watch the first Conjuring movie again and still have the same opinion. However, if you do plan on watching all the movies in the Conjuring universe I suppose it’s a good idea to be complete and watch them all. The Conjuring 2 was a movie better in all ways than the first. It was scarier, had a nice story which brings them together and some might even say prognosticates future events and movies and brings us a horror movie you actually want to see. The Conjuring 2 is a fun watch.

I had seen Supernova years ago. James Spader, Angela Basset, Robin Tunney, Lou Diamond Phillips and more. I had forgotten what a great movie this was. Caught it again perusing Pluto TV today and enjoyed it again. The acting is performed by a great cast and the storyline and plot were coherent and intelligent. Released in 2000 there were a few other space movies release during that year including Battlefield Earth, Mission to Mars, Pitch Black, Red Planet and Titan A.E. some of which are great movies themselves and some which are not, hello Battlefield. Most of the action takes place on a space faring vessel which is responding to a distress call out in deep space. Maybe not the most original start to a story during the era but let me reiterate how great this movie was. For the perverts there’s a few good naked scenes even one involving Angela Basset which might be the sexiest scene she’s ever done but she’s running away from some alien megalomaniac with a crush on her so don’t expect much to go on there. All in all this is a great movie and if you’re a fan of space horror, this one is a must watch. As you watch this movie you might notice a bunch of movie holes and broken plot points but they are minor and fortunately don’t take away from the story. Space horror should be it’s own genre by now but I guess space and horror are genre’s of their own and space horror is just natural consequence.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen any of these, I would start with Supernova. I only rewatched Conjuring 1 follow by Conjuring 2 because I wanted to watch the other movies in that universe and wanted to make sure I get the full picture.

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