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What do you think of triangles? 180 degrees? a2+b2=c2? No, not those triangles. I’m talking more of like the Bermuda Triangle of course. Surely you’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle? You know, that mystical terrible place where people places and things go missing swallowed up by the ocean to never ever be seen again because of some leviathanic squid monster or 13th dimensional bad luck membrane? Probably sucked into that hell dimension that the ‘Event Horizon’ got lost in where you rip out your own eyes and kill all your friends. That place where extradimensional portals open up to feed upon planes, trains and automobiles and whisk them away to some hellish alternate universe where their souls are tormented until the end of time. Those triangles. Well not only are they popular but apparently they know how to proliferate geometrically and who knows, exponentially as well.

Below I have listed 5 of the better known triangles however I’m sure there are if not few, many more. I’ll list their names and locations and some of the well known phenomena associated with each site so if you choose to you can research further any of the forthcoming entries.

The Bennington Triangle – Centered on the Glastenbury Mountain in the New England Area of the United States and loosely triangulated around the towns of Bennington, Woodford, Shaftsbury and Somerset. Once moderately thriving as logging and industrial towns now they are pretty much ghost towns. While researching this triangle there were 5 prominent missing persons cases that seem to be attributed to the Bennington Triangle but there are other odd and possibly paranormal phenomena associated with the area as well. All disappearances happened during the winter (Oct., Nov., Dec.) and over a period of 5 years spanning 1945-1950 and all seemed mysterious. The lore has made it’s way into various made for television programs such as William Shatners Weird or What as well as various well known podcasts and other variety shows.

The Bridgewater Triangle – The three cities in Massachusetts that make up this infamous triangle are Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown. The Bridgewater Triangle is sometimes associated with the Bennington Triangle but this might be because both are in Massachusetts or maybe because both are triangles. Tough to tell but Bridgewater is afflicted with numerous perplexing and possibly paranormal phenomena. Landmarks such as Hockomock Swamp, Dighton Rock, Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Profile Rock and Solitude Stone are but a few historic places involving disembodied spirits, human sacrifice and ritualistic murders, and a possibly recurring “suicide” stone. Other paranormal claims involving Native American mythical sightings of Thunderbirds. Various types of wildlife mutilation as well as mutilated cows have been found in abundance and it’s told the Natives cursed much of the land and swamp centuries ago as the locations of evil spirits. Look into the legend of the Wampum Belt to learn more about this spooky area.

Update 2021.09.14 – Just saw a video on Amazon Prime called “The Bridgewater Triangle“. Just further information on this subject.

The Alaska Triangle – The Alaska Triangle up in the great white north is made up of the cities of Barrow, Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, and finally Juneau, Alaska. There are more missing persons in the state of Alaska than in the whole of the United States if looked at through the eye of statistics. Alaska is probably the last of the true great outdoors with land stakes and claims still available though admittedly restricted to Native Alaskans currently. The wilderness area in Alaska is humungous and it’s not surprising that people go missing never to be found in such rugged and unforgiving terrain. Over the years many Alaskan myths have been told by the native inhabitants and are now resurfacing. Paranormal activity and the oft times mysterious displays of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) have played into missing persons and sightings of UFO’s and other bffling phenomena. Alaska has a long history told in the stories of the native Inupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, Eskimo and a number of Athabaskan cultures and tribes that inhabit the minimally or unexplored portions of Alaska. Prior to researching this subject and Alaska in general I was unware of the number of indigenous peoples (15% of the Alaskan population is indigenous) and there are numerous unlisted tribes and peoples throughout the state. So it comes as no surprise that the regions is rich in myth and storytelling. Moving into more modern times it’s true that many planes have been lost in the Alaskan Triangle including the loss of an American Senator which set off the largest search and rescue mission known at the time. It seems the history of the area continues to plague us even into modernity. With the addition of minimal or no roads or highways to traverse the state many unregistered planes and pilots abound in Alaska. Much of the wilderness is only accessible by foot (snowshoed more likely) or sled or even the luxury of snowmobiles if they are available. Fact is there is much terrain in Alaska that has never been surveyed either due to dangerous physical conditions or weather conditions so who knows how many bodies since the dawn of time have disappeared under the millions of years of snowfalls and/or blizzard cinidtions.

The Dragons Triangle – Sometimes called The Devil’s Sea or the Formosa Triangle is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Asia. The Dragons Triangle has been one of sailors nightmares since ships sailed in the area. Recognized as one of the 12 Vile Vortices located around the Earth these Vile Vortices are areas around our planet where the pull of electromagnetic waves created by the rotation of the Earth’s metal core is stronger than at other locations around the Earth. Now what this has to do with the Dragons Triangle is not exactly known other than the Bermuda Triangle also being located in one of these Vile Vortices. The Devil’s Sea (Ma-no Umi in Japanese) extends as a triangle between Japan and the islands of Bonin including a large section of the Philippine Sea. An interesting thing to note is that the Dragons Triangle lies exactly opposite of the Earth from the Bermuda Triangle. This is one of the odd facts that fuels the stories and myths that perpetuate the ongoing saga of the Dragon’s triangle. One of the notable events to occur in the Dragons Sea is that of the conqueror Kublai Khan. When trying to invade the island of Japan it is said (which history reflects) that he failed on both attempts losing all his ships and 40,000 crewmen due to mysterious typhoons which developed and engulfed his ships and drowned his men. Then there is the case of the 5 military vessels which went to find 5 fishermen and their ships who disappeared in the area. A ship was dispatched named the Kaio Maru No. 5 was sent to look for the ships and it disappeared as well. This story unfortunately reads almost identically to a case that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle so it’s kind of hard to tell if there was some confusion in the Triangles or possibly this is the exact reason why these triangular areas are so mysterious.

The Nevada Triangle – The cities and states that make up this triangle’s vertices are Reno, Nevada, Fresno, California and finally Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the more famous disappearances in the Nevada Triangle is that of famous aviator Steve Fossett. If the name doesn’t ring a bell he was the first person to navigate the Earth in a hot air balloon and in a fixed wing aircraft. Steve Fossett disappeared on September 3, 2007 while flying a single engine Bellanca Super Decathlon, which was a small fixed wing aircraft Steve Fossett was accustomed to and had flown many times on similar trajectories without incident. When he failed to reach the destination searches were launched approximately 6 hours later. Steve Fosset’s remains would be discovered almost a year later by a random hiker but before that the enigma of the Nevada Triangle would enter the picture and claim another victim. It is speculated that Mr. Fossett lost control of his plane and ran into the mountainside. Only two pieces of Steve Fosset’s leg bones were found but they were confirmed via DNA evidence and were found about 70 meters from the wreck. About 2000 planes have been lost in the Nevada Triangle over the last 60 years with many of the planes or wrecks never to be discovered. The Sierra Nevada mountain range and all the air currents, cross currents and windfalls have been known challenge pilots of all skill levels. With all these disappearances under mysterious circumstances it wasn’t long before conspiracy reports started coming in and a new myth was born, that of the Nevada Triangle.

Now this was just a short list of the five most well known triangles, but I am sure there are others. Many mysterious disappearances and deaths occur in these anomalous zones. So much so that particular area’s get a bad rap if too many deaths or disappearances occur in them. Add to that times unwavering march forward and over time some area’s will get that pall of darkness around them and become cursed, or gathering spots of demons or witches or whatever paranormal fantasy gets dredged up from that deep dark and mysterious recess of the human mind.

As the years have gone by some of the mysterious disappearances have been explained simply as a function of time as some bodies and wrecks have been found however they are a very small percentage of all that have been lost. I don’t know if it’s something paranormal, human error, or the earth fighting back and consuming/neutralizing technology and people but the fact is we don’t know and we might never know. It’s easy to step back and say there’s a logical explanation for everything but unfortunately the statistics disagree with that. The world has changed since it’s inception and nature has evolved and we as humans just need to accept there are things we don’t know and will never know. Let’s say theoretically every disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was explained and every wreck was discovered and it turns out it was the weather, or human error or methane clathrates on the floor of the ocean disabling the buoyancy of ships and forcing them to sink. Would you be satisfied or do you think you might die a little inside? Nietzsche converts need not apply, or maybe apply in full 😉

Seldom do I think about things I know. My mind enjoys the unknown if for no other reason to than find out why they are unknown. The unknown tends to be interesting and fascinating so it’s no wonder we as people are drawn or run head long away from such stories. We as humans require mystery in life. This is an opinion of mine. Cause if we knew everything life would quickly become stale and boring. I find it fun to think about such mysteries as these various triangles because if thought about properly and with a modicum of imagination the mind can come up with all kinds of answers good, bad, dumb, and mysterious. This is the place all our great storues come from. Though I like to think I deal with the world pragmatically I won’t deny I get a sense of thrill out of horror movies, UFO abductions (oh noes), time travel stories and I’ll even admit to stealing Luke Skywalker’s identity as a child and defending the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire and the dreaded Dark Side. Maybe the Earth is in some galaxy wide triangle composed of the Triangulum galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Milky Way galaxy. I find it kind of suspicious these three core galaxies compose the local cluster. OMG, the three points form a triangle! See what I mean about a little knowledge and maybe a little too much imagination?…

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