Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I still have the initial grubstake in Ripple Labs XRP Tokens with the initial buy in of the cryptocoin back in January of 2021. $10.00US minus 0.99US cents in fees, ultimately netting me 31.512036 in XRP cryptocoin which works out to $14.02US (approx. . 44US per) right now. When I initially purchased it XRP was going for $0.28US per. The same transaction with Stellar Lumens cryptocoin however has that balance sitting at $27.26US for the same $10US investments minus fee’s. The Stellar Lumens admittedly were augmented with bonus’s gained for doing tests on the Coinbase platform but the second you realize you can instantly swap it for cash the the distinction becomes moot. So for my initial $20US investment minus $1.98US in fees I’ve seen my miniature investment balance doubling to $41.28US if I decided to cash out today. However I have plans currently to make further investments in crypto and will visit the idea of “cashing out” towards the end of the year (2021) when I’m in settled in a vacation. Hopefully with a few more of what I hope to be are winners 1 or two years down the road I’ll invest in 2-4 more coins I have researched and have piqued my interest. The Algorand, Basic Attention Token (BAT) and I might even jump onto the Doge train. Coinbase tracks Doge but they don’t buy or sell it so might have to find a different source for that. I’m quickly running into limitations as far as what I can do inside Coinbase. The money is safe and I can cash out at any time but I’m quickly seeing that if I decide to increase my investment in crypto I might want to move to a more mature trading platform, such as Coinbase Pro, but all I’ve ever known about crypto has been in association with Coinbase so there’s that. As my knowledge of crypto grows the tools I use to manage it will mature as well.

So initial investment = $20US. Current worth = $40.64US. Looks like win to me so far.

I’ve also put aside some time to actually learn about cryptocoin by engaging in various podcasts and webcasts plus keeping abreast of day to day industry changes. I’ll continue to editorialize my crypto journey here in blog form at least monthly, so we can check-in and see where the investment goes.

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