Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

As I was exiting the cannabis club and carefully walking to the bus stop to wait for the bus home, my mind was gripped with the sudden undeniable realization that I’m gonna be dead soon. I’ll be somewhere who knows maybe at home sleeping in bed and die while asleep and won’t even know it. Just one moment I’ll be alive and the next moment I won’t. The century I spent on the planet won’t rank a footnote on the short history that is history. I wondered for a little while how unfair it all was. Why we live the lives we do. Why can’t life just continually get better and then you get more of it? Why must there be so much death destruction and hate in the world and after a lifetime of that snuffed out like the glow of a flame on a stormy night in Portland Oregon. In furtherance of the injustice of it all we don’t get a second chance. There’s no pearly gates with our loves one beckoning us into the great beyond. We don’t have a…

On the way to the cannabis club I had been doing one of my word puzzles on the ole workhorse Google Pixel 3a phone. I didn’t finish it on the bus trip there and only had one word left to go. The first two letters we ‘so’ of the four letter word and the remaining few letters were ‘lnud’ but for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. Then it hit me like a freight train.


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