Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

No Spoilers

Just finished watching Death of a Vlogger on Amazon Prime. As usual another found footage horror review by me as found footage horror seems to be the only movies/films I enjoy watching these days. I don’t know if it’s the low to mid budget feel of these movies that appeal to me, or the content of the stories. I’ve always been into the paranormal side of life so maybe it’s just natural I find them compelling and entertaining. When they are done well they can be great entertainment and time wasters and ultimately isn’t that what watching movies/films is all about anyways?

There’s a couple great hooks at the beginning of the film.

As all my reviews are of the No Spoiler type, I can’t go in to that sentence too much. Death of a Vlogger is a little unique from most found footage that I watch in the fact that it’s almost feature length. With an hour and a half of running time I was actually looking forward to watching this particular found footage reel. I felt we might get a lot of story and back story. I thought that the film wouldn’t feel rushed as some found footage tends to be. This was definitely the case. From beginning to end the story is well told and keeps our mind full of questions. It leads the imagination to see the wrinkles in the story with the hope at some point they get ironed out.

One of the more compelling parts of the story, and this will be true of any film/movie is that of the characters. The cast of characters are believable and this is a big part of what found footage is all about. Their dialogue and physical movements give us the audience the impressions we need to discern this . Though we learn very little of their pasts, the in the moment glimpses we do get of the personalities through interviews, videos, in person meetings and the numerous pieces of video footage tell us everything we need to know about our characters and gives us that feeling of intimate understanding of who they are and what they’re about.

From beginning to end the story is captivating. It encompasses all the things that make for a good story. The treatment of the story and the way it develops keeps the topic interesting. The best stories are usually very complete and comprehensive enough so that when we stand back and look at the story as a whole we can say, yeah, we get it, what a great story.

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