Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Prostitution might be the worlds oldest profession but the need for a compromise to be met between those age old rivals of buyer and seller predates even that of the worlds first entrepreneur. We can do away with all sense of monetary or other rewards by simply stating ‘agreement’ is the goal the ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’ are trying to reach. But let’s pause for a moment and consider that in the case of the worlds first paid position that if money was not yet a concept what then could engender and solve the equation for this ‘first’ of all bargains. Not to be chauvinistic but it’s obvious what ‘his’ side of the equation or reward was. If money was not a motivator or an ends in this first of all transactions what can one then imagine would satisfy an equation whose ultimate solution is a simple carnal act. Could it be we have for all time maligned the role of ‘prostitute’ when in fact it’s quite possible that such enterprise entered into our vernacular by only the most altruist of means? Could it be there’s a lot more to sex and money that we simply know nothing about?

Should I expand up on that?

Nah, that’s too fuckin deep. Deeper than Atlantis, deeper than then sea floor traveled by the mantas… That’s for the Freud’s and Jung’s to debate. I’m just a guy who needs a few words so he can be sure to get at least one post a day up on his blog.

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