Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

I went outside today. Didn’t have a plan. It’s nothing mysterious. In fact I’ve already left the house once today to go to the Starbucks in the Fred Meyers a few blocks down the road to get that hot white mocha I love so much. I don’t love the price. The Starbucks card however and for whatever reason had $9.07US on it and that was more than enough to get a large white mocha, hot, cause really, is there any other size? Actually I was a bit surprised at first, and then slightly dismayed when I realized that’s what Verizon gave me back during 2 months of a promotion. So I guess I can thank Verizon for this large white mocha, hot, not myself, who actually had to walk there to get it. Still I do all the work… Might have been nicer if I could put that price towards my phone bill, but I already have $10 in Verizon bonus’s I can’t apply to my phone bill…

Don’t remember seeing anything crazy or particularly memorable on the walk to Freddies (nothing to do with 5 nights at; should I play that game?). I live near downtown Portland, Oregon so crazy and memorable is actually the norm here. Weird too… I think I did actually see a weird dude who had some kind of momentary tic thing with his neck, but I have a momentary tic thing with my neck sometimes so it could have easily been me, totally uneventful.

I stopped by the Goodwill because oddly enough the handicapped are still working (God bless you Goodwill) and they must love the slave (I mean reduced cost) employment thing (Gods sending you to Hell Goodwill) that they got going. They can legally do all kinds of shit, but that’s a story for another article, and a different author. I found a couple of composition notebooks that were brand new at $0.99US each so I picked up the 2 they had and bought them. I already had 2 composition notebooks at home, but they were used. One is an all purpose notebook. The other is my dream book. The other day I needed a notebook for something, so my subconscious must have set a message for me to acquire a couple new notebooks as cheaply as possible and here we are.

Normally these days when I got out it’s to the grocery store. I just have to get out of the house so as part of my daily routine I go to the store twice every day and buy the consumables I need. I like to have high fat milk and butter around, coffee, maybe some popcorn snacks and some cups of noodles if things start to get rough. Once a week I’ll treat myself to a nice ribeye. Oh man I can cook the PERFECT medium ribeye in a toaster oven, perfect. Additionally once or twice a day now I’ll go for a walk of between 1 and 4 miles depending on how I feel. I need to to do this religiously because sitting around at home can get really addictive real fast and if your not moving that blood around it can create or exacerbate existing issues, so I make sure to take my multivitamins and go on walks till I decide something more strenuous is required. I’ve definitely put on some weight I would like to lose but I don’t think it’s anything of as issue at them moment if I can at least do minimum things. Though bending down and picking up things around foot level is getting more difficult…

Well, this will take care of todays post. Signing off.


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