Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Nazca Lines of Peru. Those mysterious geoglyphs spread over acres and acres of the Atacama desert near the city of Nazca. Sure you’ve heard of them. The hummingbird, the monkey, the spider or even ‘El Astronauta’. These aren’t just the names of some popular memes, they are huge artworks spread across acres and acres of that arid wasteland south of Lima, Peru. Some claim in fact it’s not possible to determine what the artworks are at the level of the desert floor. They are so large in fact that one must get ‘above’ them to discern their true nature. Fly above the desert and only then can you tell what these innocuous scrapings seen at ground level really are.

But I’m not talking about the pictures of animals or astronauts. I mean the more geometrically one dimensional lines that crisscross the desert floor. This description might lead you to believe it might be connected with the supernatural, the superstitious, the weird. And you’d be right. But your not here for editorial.

I sometimes imagine when I see those straight lines on the desert floor, the shot from above making me think it’s what’s left of some huge city or habitation that might have been there long ago. Over the broad sweeps of time mother nature has reduced some vestiges of intelligent thought to nothing but chicken scratches in the southern reaches of Peru. The lines are not laid out in any kind of geometric grid. Some lines stretch long into the desert to come together at some distant point on the horizon. Maybe it’s the layout of an eccentric city. Anyways, that’s my opinion on the Nazca Lines of Peru. If not a city, then maybe just the outlines of what used to be there eons ago but most assuredly of intelligent design.

There’s no real consensus on what they actually are cause it’s a mystery. I think the educated want to believe they might religious tracks traversed for meditation or ritual. Everyone else knows what they really are. UFO’s.

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  1. Yeah, I mean to point out that the lines look like thoroughfares or streets with thicker lines looking like freeways and whatnot. Just another guess and theory.


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