Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Eve Online Skin Paxtravaganza - 34 Skins

1 Big pack of skins for your spaceships on Eve Online. Some of these skins you can't get anymore as they were either limited time availability or are no longer available on the Eve Market. This is a random assortment of skins which can bring back a shiny stack of ISK if you decide to sell on the Eve Regional market.

  • Avatar Deathglow
  • Caracal Headhunter
  • Claw Justice
  • Coercer Aurora
  • Condor Aurora
  • Cormorant Aurora
  • Damnation Glacial Drift
  • Dragoon Biosecurity
  • Erebus Valimor
  • Executioner Aurora
  • Harbinger Aurora
  • Kryos Spirit
  • Megathron Aurora
  • Moa Aurora
  • Ninazu Frontier
  • Omen Exoplanets
  • Omen Headhunter
  • Onyx Wyrkomi
  • Prophecy Kador
  • Providence Kador
  • Raven Aurora
  • Rokh Wyrkomi
  • Slasher Aurora
  • Tempest Aurora
  • Tormentor Glacial Drift
  • Tornado Argyros
  • Vagabond Justice
  • Abaddon Kador
  • Absolution Glacial Drift
  • Apocalypse Aurora
  • Apocalypse Kador
  • Astero Deathglow
  • Atron Aurora
  • Atron Valimor

You will be contacted by email or by phone within 4 hours to acquire your Eve Online pilot name. This item will be digitally transferred to your Eve Online account once we have the pilot name.


By rjohnson

Computer Nerd