Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Blue Rigger HDMI to DVI, Aluminum Shell 4K, 8 Foot Monitor Cable

The Blue Rigger is an HDMI to DVI cable, which is used for the high-speed transfer of both high-definition audio and video through a single cable from one device to another. This audio video cable is 8 foot or 2.5 meters. Our HDMI cable features flexibility, ruggedized, highly durable and has gold plated connectors.

The cable is ideal for consumer electronics, A/V installation, industrial and building automation applications. Our cable connects a computer or DVI-equipped device to an HDMI 2.0-equipped HDTV or display. To ensure superior signal transmission, our HDMI cable comes with gold plated HDMI 2.0 to DVI connectors.


  • HDMI to DVI-D conversion cable
  • Blue Aluminum Shell
  • Gold plated contacts ensure superior signal transmission


  • Digital Projection
  • Digital Signage
  • High resolution monitor applications
  • Flat panel display applications
  • Set top box applications

$8.00 (shipping)
Total: $17.00

By rjohnson

Computer Nerd